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    Kyle Johnson
    Kyle Johnson

    I’ve met several people that have had crazy towing experiences from towing with bad tongue weight. A lot of those people will tell me about how scary the experience was and how they narrowly escaped a roll-over or trailer-related accident. However, there are many that we involved in serious accidents and they were grateful they were able to share their story with me and others…

    And that’s what people mainly think about when towing with too much or too little tongue weight- compromised safety. But I met a man at Sema in 2019 that shared a different experience.. He made several cross-country trips while towing equipment for his job. He knew not to have too little tongue weight, so he’d load ALL his equipment towards the tongue of the trailer. This caused him to have WAY too much tongue weight. He said that he went through soooo many tires and a few axles until he realized tongue weight might be the issue. He purchased a Universal tow ball, set up his trailer with the correct tongue weight, and tow. He said made a world of difference and said, “it pulled like a dream”. That just goes to show that good tongue weight improves safety AND towing performance and comfort.